Mountainbikers Of Alexandra (MOA) was formed in June 2012.

2018 Club Committee

  • President: Joe Sheriff
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Penny Smale
  • Committee: John Williamson, Allan Henderson, Antz Longman, Craig Ross, Paul Eden, Sam Sole, Dave Fearnley, Chris Lambeth, Marty Connell. 

The aims of the club are to:

  • Promote recreational mountain biking for the benefit of the public
  • Educate and create lifestyle and outdoor opportunities for youth through mountain biking, including financial assistance.
  • Work with landowners to facilitate and manage mountain biking access in the Central Otago district.
  • Promote, facilitate and manage community recreational mountain biking activities and amateur events.
  • Develop and maintain mountain bike trails.
  • Work with local, regional and national agencies and departments and other agencies to enhance and expand access in the Central Otago district for mountain biking.
  • Raise grants and funds for the above Objects.
  • Do all things incidental to achieve the above Objects.